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Courses Offered

The following are brief descriptions of the classes offered. Our classes are all customized to meet the needs of the students or organization offering the course. Residential classes are small and geared for private or small groups. Each class is hands - on where the student is guided by a master in their craft. Please call our office and we will be glad to discuss any of our classes and your specific learning needs or for your facility.

Thai "Yoga" Massage - Level I

No Prerequisite Required

Learn to perform a full-body, 90 minute session focusing on effortlessness, flow, key stances, effectiveness and safety precautions. History and philosophy of Thai Massage covered. Fundamental methods for avoiding contraindications and integrating "Metta" into your body work taught. This course is the building block for learning more advanced techniques; you will be excited to learn more.

Thai "Yoga" Massage - Level II

Prerequisite: Thai Massage Level I

Learn to preform a 2.5 hour session with advanced postures while applying basic concepts of the Thai energy line system. Focus on customizing for different body types, evaluating clients needs, integrating alternative postures and effortless flow in your work. This course will start with a review of Level I massage and concepts.

Intermediate - Advanced Thai "Medical" Massage

Prerequisite: Thai Massage Level I & II

Course is intensive, a minimum of 5 days required. Can be offered in blocks of time.

The Intermediate - Advanced class turns Traditional Thai Massage into a Thai Medical Massage. The basic routine taught in Level I and Level II are examined and adapted for each client's specific physical needs.

Previous Thai classes have shown how the energy body respond to movement and pressure in session. In the Advance Thai class you will learn how to move though spiritual realms for healing the emotional, mental and spiritual self.

  • History of Thai spiritual realm.
  • Introduction to the Hill-tribes and the local customs
  • Review of Sen lines
  • Sen lines as Elements
  • Elements in relation to disease
  • Doshas in Thai Medicine
  • Reflexology
  • Use of the Jap/energy stick
  • Herbal Compresses & Acupressure points
  • Breaking through the blockage, Thai ultra-sound
  • Focusing the intent
  • Chakra systems
  • Use of the Breath to facilitate healing/ Blow doctor
  • Thai and Shamanic Healing
  • Creating a healing space
  • Tapping into the higher self
  • Stepping into your medicine (power/knowledge)
  • Daily practice sessions
  • Ayurveda & TCM in Thai Medical Massage

Private Thai 2- Hour cumulative blocks

Experience, practice, learn. Perfect your Thai knowledge or learn Thai Massage without having to miss time off work, loss of revenue or to have a deeper one on one learning experience. Each session is customized to the students learning objective.

Table Thai and T'ai Chi Table Massage

No Prerequisite Required

12-16 hour course

Learn to convert a traditional Thai Massage session to the table for the comfort of the therapist and clients. Thai on the table means less effort for the therapist, less chance of injuring the therapist knees, back wrist and thumbs.

The feet, single leg, arms, side-lying, prone, supine and advanced stretches are demonstrated and practiced. The Swedish style of massage will also be converted shown and practiced as a way to have the client experience an energetic eastern massage.

Thai Foot Massage/ Reflexology

No Prerequisite Required

6 hour Course

Thai foot massage emphasizes the massage and is intended to generally stimulate the reflex points of the feet and lower leg, in order to stimulate the internal organs generally and encourage the free flow of energy though out the body. The reflex points of the feet are taught and are shown how to stimulate in the Thai tradition. The Jap "energy stick will be introduced and it's proper usage. Sen lines on the lower leg will be discussed in relation to the four elements and the use in balancing the clients energy system.

Cupping Massage

No Prerequisite Required

6 hour Course

Generally most of the hands-on therapeutic practitioners can incorporate cupping therapy into their practice. Cupping can help balance the bodies energy system, improve the movement of lymph fluid, remove aresa of stagnation, helps reduce pain and stimulate the bodies natural healing powers. For the non-Chinese medicine-trained practitioners the Four-Zone Cupping therapy will be taught as well as history & theory, treatment of common disorders, cupping in the context of sen (Thai) & meridian (TCM) therapy, contraindications, static vs. moving cupping and myofascial trigger points cupping therapy.

Thai Vibrational Medicine Therapy

No Prerequisite Required

3 hours course

Stones in Thai are instruments to unblock areas of stagnation and pain relief, as well as for tired/sore muscles. During
the course we will look at the stones themselves as tools and how to select the proper stone for the desired outcome, the use of the stone. Traditional Thai sen lines and points and hot and cold stone therapy. " I have developed this amazing technique based on the Traditional Thai therapy of mallet and peg, "Tok Sen", it amazes me how something so simple delivers such profound healing relief. This a great technique that can be used as part of Thai Massage or with any other healing modality..

Herbal Compresses "Bundles"

No Prerequisite Required

6-hour course

Listed is the basic course, but can be extended per students request and desired level of knowledge.

Herbal Bundles or Compresses is a part of Traditional Thai Medicine. This course is aimed at the students understanding of Thai Herbals within the context of Thai Medicine and how to make and use the bundles medicinally.

  • Unique characteristics of Traditional Thai Massage
  • How is Thai Different than TCM or Ayurveda
  • Contraindications
  • Dosha Testing and evaluation
  • 10 tastes and the effects on the four elements
  • Herbs used in Herbal Compresses
  • Hot compresses vs. cold compresses
  • Thai Acupressure points for Herbal Massage treatment
  • Preparing the herbal bundles
  • Equipment used
  • Using the herbal bundles
  • Give and receive

Meditation & Yoga for Therapists

No Prerequisite Required

Yoga & Meditation can be taught as a stand alone course or incorporated with any course offered This portion can be expanded per students request.

The art of Thai Massage or any healing modality begins long before the therapist enters the clients room. It begins in the quiet moments of relaxation and meditation, where the therapist allows them self to become grounded, to let go of the "monkey mind" that keeps the therapist for being totally integrated with the client. Our retreat center is a perfect place to embrace meditation and to find inner peace.

As therapist we use our bodies to help others heal. It is important that we keep our bodies in balance both mentally as well as physically. Each day begins with a yoga class for the student and meditation.

Thai Teacher Training

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