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Thai Therapy

There are no words to properly describe a Thai Massage session. Thai Massage is something you have to experience yourself.

​​Traditional Thai Massage may very well be the most effective therapeutic bodywork you will ever experience. It is a modern expression of a 2500 year old tradition of Oriental bodywork. Thai uses the whole body to treat the whole body and is practiced on a comfortable and supportive mat on the floor. The matt is designed to allow deep relaxation. For the clients who physically are unable to get up and down from the floor, Thai can be adapted to a massage table.

It is more energizing and can be rigorous than more classic forms of massage, but at the same time very meditative. The therapist uses their hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Thai Massage is varied to suit a wide range of physical needs and is often used as a form of physical therapy to help increase range of motion and muscular strength. Thai Massage works with the bodyís movement potential and energy system and is practiced dynamically on a comfortable mat on the floor, allowing for movements that are not as effective, or not possible, on a traditional massage table.

Thai Massage has proven particularly helpful to persons who suffer from a wide range of illnesses including Multiple Sclerosis, auto-immune and neuromuscular diseases, fibromyalgia, and Parkinsonís. Dragonfly is proud to be an official service provider of the ​Gateway Area Chapter of the National MS Society. Thai Massage is also a valuable tool for those who need a chance for their mind & body to turn disconnect, relax, but leave refreshed and energized. Clients range from 6 to 97 years old. Your practitioner is highly trained and well practiced in the art of Traditional Thai Medical Massage & Eastern Healing Modalities. The average session will last 90-120 minutes, although alternative time frames are available.

​​Remember to wear comfortable clothes that you can be stretched in and refrain from eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior. Make sure to convey to therapist any recent injuries or health issues so she can better address these.

  • 30 minutes, $50
  • 60 minutes, $75
  • 75 minutes, $95
  • 90 minutes, $110
  • 120 minutes. $135

Thai Athletic Therapy

Thai athletic therapy uses more intense, vigorous approach to the prepare the athlete for a better performance with less injury. Perfect for those who run, bike, ski or just trying to get back into shape safely.

  • 60 minutes, $100
  • 90 minutes, $130

Thai Hand & Foot Reflexology

This form of massage stimulates your internal organs and begins to encourage the flow of energy from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Thai reflexology does not stop at your feet, but works the energy up your legs and through your arms.

  • 60 minutes, $75

Thai's, Ultimate Healing Escape

A beautiful blend of Eastern Healing Modalities turns this customized massage into a relaxing and restoring escape, preformed by this area's leading Traditional Thai Therapist. Treatments may include the use of hot stones, customized essential oils, herbal bundles to balance the body and mind; Thai bodywork; foot reflexology, essential oils; Chakra balancing; and 30 minutes of concentrated back bodywork.

  • 3 Hours, $225

Indian Head

Indian Head is the ideal stress relieving treatment for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, tight neck, tension headache, eyestrain or insomnia. The back, arms, neck, shoulders, face, scalp and hands are treated. It is a holistic therapy for tension.

  • 45 minutes, $60


Cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping creates negative pressure using a suction device applied to the skin. This stimulates the meridians, removes toxins from muscles, helps in getting rid of adhesions caused from injury, relieves tension and promotes healing.

  • $20 additional to any service price

Herbal Bundles or Hot Stones with Essential Oils

Herbal treatment is an important branch of Traditional Thai Medical Therapy. All of the bundles are made by hand by a trained therapist using fresh and dried herbs. Steaming the packs releases the healing properties of the herbs to penetrate deep into the muscles and tendon, stimulating pressure points & meridians; releasing tension, stress, pain and stiffness; increasing circulation.

  • $25 in addition to service price